Peter Francis Geraci, J.D.

Welcome to the official website of Peter Francis Geraci, J.D. Born, raised and educated in the finest city in the world, Mr. Geraci calls Chicago home and is easily one of the United States most recognized lawyers. His work has helped over 150,000 people obtain financial relief.

Mr. Geraci founded, "The Law Offices of Peter Francis Geraci" in 1977. The firm started as a general practice firm handling every kind of case from murder to spitting on the sidewalk, and million dollar personal injury cases. However, Mr. Geraci found he could make a larger impact by helping people eliminate debt and obtain a fresh start in life. In 2013 "The Law offices of Peter Francis Geraci" changed its name to "Geraci Law L.L.C." and has grown to become one of the largest consumer bankruptcy firms in the country.

Lead by Peter Francis Geraci, the firm's founding member, Geraci Law L.L.C. has helped over 150,000 people gain relief from their creditors and creditor harrassment. Mr. Geraci is the creator of Professional Financial Guidance, LLC, a Department of Justice Approved financial management educational program. Mr. Geraci has dedicated his life to, "Changing your life for the better."

Geraci Law L.L.C.

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Geraci Law is a well-established Law firm. Prominent consumer bankruptcy and trial attorney Peter Francis Geraci found Geraci Law L.L.C. as a solo practice, in October 1977. Geraci Law operated as a sole proprietorship until 2009, growing from one attorney, in a 15 x 20’ office at Lawrence and Western, across from a dental lab on the second floor of a small office building, to a multistate Law firm with over 70 attorneys.

Professional Financial Guidance, LLC

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Professional Financial Guidance, LLC is an educational company with over 35-years of consumer debt experience. Professional Financial Guidance, LLC provides an up to date debt management course for consumers who have either just completed a bankruptcy or simply want to take control of their finances.

Help Holly Help

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Help Holly Help was organized with the idea of helping organizations, in the community, promote their mission of assisting those in need. Several charities Mr. and Mrs. Geraci help provide social and psychological care to individuals in need of help. A staunch advocate for helping those with disabilities, Holly Geraci and Peter Francis Geraci, proudly display organizations whose mission is to help the community.