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Peter Francis Geraci (PFG) founded Geraci Law in 1977 as the law offices of Peter Francis Geraci. After over 40 years, Geraci Law is now the largest consumer bankruptcy firm in Wisconsin (Indiana) (the Midwest) with over 100,000 clients served. We were at 3560 W. 95th St. in Evergreen Park, just 2 minutes West of Western, 4 blocks West of Kedzie, 4 blocks East of Pulaski. We have evening and Saturday hours and you can make an appointment online at 24/7.

In Evergreen Park as early as 1828, a German farming family had settled in the area of what is now Evergreen Park. In the succeeding decades, other German immigrants arrived. Kedzie Avenue and 95th Street crisscrossed the farmland and provided access to markets. The first railroad (now the Grand Trunk Railroad) came through the area in 1873.

In 1875, the community built its first school just west of 95th and Kedzie. The school and the stores that began to cluster around this intersection defined the community's main business area. Nearby, a real-estate developer, with a vision of the Arc de Triomphe area of Paris, laid out a star-shaped park with eight streets radiating from it. The evergreen trees planted in the park inspired the Evergreen Park name.

Visit Evergreen Park Library for more information about Evergreen Park. To make an appointment at Geraci Law if you live in Evergreen Park, click here and enter your zip code for the closest office to you. Geraci Law has been practicing bankruptcy in Evergreen Park since 2003! The closest bankruptcy and injury law office where you can meet with one of the outstanding Geraci Law bankruptcy and injury lawyers is at 3640 95th Street!

This office serves the thousands of Geraci Clients in Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn and the Southside of Chicago. The PFG difference is even better 14 years after Geraci Law opened in Evergreen Park to serve the bankruptcy and injury needs of the Geraci Law clients in Chicago’ s South Side. Another resource close to Evergreen Park if you are in South Chicago is the Geraci Law bankruptcy and injury office in Roseland, at the corner of 115th and Halsted. Geraci Law also has another convenient office in the Chatham neighborhood at the corner of 86th and Cottage Grove.

Fun Fact: Some notable people form Evergreen Park include White Sox favorites, Ed Farmer, Donn Pall and Billy Pierce! Mr. Geraci has always been a supporter of The South Siders, and frequently makes time to visit Guaranteed Rate field.